Personal Development Strategist

cropped-pic311.jpgI help people see and experience their worth using physical, emotional and spiritual strategies so that they can live abundantly, have strong relationships and leave a legacy.

My clients experience transformation in health, relationships, spiritual and personal growth while working with me. Check out the testimonials below.

Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education
Health and Life Coach Certification – ICF

Do you ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel?

Are you constantly running, trying to keep up with all the people, responsibilities and things you love in life? Set up a discovery call with me – we’ll figure out where you want to be and how to get you there!

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Do you want to get off of the hamster wheelScreenshot 2018-08-30 09.09.57 and start living with your purpose in mind?

That’s where I come in — I help people who are busy with responsibilities and taking care of others, make their body, soul and mind a priority…

without sacrificing their family or social life and without dieting..

So they can live the fullest life possible and give to others out of an abundance and not out of their reserves.

I use proven strategies to help my clients achieve their goals without sacrificing the things they love in life. Sounds like a great way to live, right? It is!

My clients experience huge mindset shifts that greatly impact every area of their lives. You are worth the investment. Your family deserves to have the best version of you.

“I look so forward to my coaching sessions with Lauren, and I have learned so much! One of the biggest things I have learned from her is to not judge and criticize myself, but rather treat myself with kindness and curiosity – wow, what a change in my thinking! Lauren is a great listener, who … Continue reading Jen


“I wasn’t sure what to expect before my first session with Lauren. Since that first step, Lauren’s grace, compassion and wisdom has made me so thankful I did.  She has a gift for putting words to things when you feel foggy and unsure, in a way that gives you certainty and confidence. I will always … Continue reading Emily


“I am becoming who I’ve always wanted to be. I cannot express in words how life changing coaching with Lauren has been. She has opened my eyes to the different ways I can approach situations. I have become more grounded in who the Lord created me to be. Because of this, I am able to … Continue reading Sarah


“I have Oprah “aha” moments all the time in my coaching sessions with Lauren! I have most appreciated that I am able to speak freely without feeling any judgement. She validates my feelings in ways that others don’t. Each session, she coaches me on new ways to think about things. I recommend her as a … Continue reading Megan


“I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking for a great motivator and cheerleader to help guide them to healthier eating and thoughts about food, achieving goals, and changing habits!”